Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Opening new doors

My mind is so full of stuff I want to do...I can't do anything! So I decided to get it all out on this blog and I will post what I am up to. I did podcast in my car, to organize my ideas, but the audio was awful. It was good way to get things out and re-visit them later.

What am I doing?

I am currently working on my final portfolio for my Instructional technology Certification for Pennsylvania. I have to have my interview in late 2007. I decided I am going to use my website www.mrlutz.com as the portfolio. In it I hope to have a ton of stuff for Students, Teachers and Parents, and also showcase all my projects and cool things I have done with technology. I love the front of the site, but I think I am going to have to redo it. There are so many thing that need to change, the fact is I think I am going to rebuild the whole website from the ground up. Off to inspiration I go to plan to the site I will share what I have once I get it done.

Also any ideas how to have a vote and post top ranked sites via a web page...just a thought for anyone out there...