Monday, February 28, 2011

Is Your Data Backed Up? If Not, Check This Out!


Drop Box (2GB for Free)


The biggest mistakes my teachers make is not backing up all the great lessons and flipcharts they create. I have found a really easy way to backup your data so you have access to it on your school computer, home computer & the web! Below you will see one strategy I suggest on backing up your data!

Everyone Else:

Using dropbox to save really important files, and save without having to put them on a flash drive and have mutilple files and versions!

How to get started:

Ok, all you have to do it create a droop box account and download drop box on every computer you would like to access your data on. Then simply save your work in the drop box folder and it will automatically upload to drop box servers and to any other computer you have drop box downloaded on, it is that easy. So when your computer crashes and you lose everything, anything that was saved in your "drop box" is still available and Backed Up!

Click here to create an account and help me earn some extra storage space!

Video about Dropbox


Wait there's more...

Tomorrow I will show you how to have people send content to your drop box!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Download Videos from Youtube onto Your Computer

Youtube is blocked in my school dirstrct, but there us some good content that has educational relevance on Youtube.  So as long as you make sure you watch the whole video before you show it, you can use a web tools called Zamzar to download the video so it is found locally on your computer.  Then you can easily show it on a flipchart, smart notebook, power point or through any video player.  I made a video a few years back,  so that is emebeded below and I also took a screen shot and annotated it.  Please post a comment if you have questions!


Zamzar can also be used to convert file formats, of many different files...



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Whats the purpose of this blog?

I had a teacher ask me today, what exactly am I sending out on facebook.  So I thought I would give a little background and rationale for my staring up this blog.


I am an Instructional Technology Integration Speacilaist in the School District of Philadelphia.  Bottom line I work with administrators, teachers and students to inetgrate technology into their schools and classrooms.  I also present at various conferences and would like to keep in touch with those participants.   So, I need a platform to share out great tools, ideas, and converging technologies with everyone and this Posterous blog will allow me to that forum.


My goal is to post something almost everyday that is informative, short and to the point.  Posterous allows me to post directly to the blog, but then share the posting via many different avenues like Tiwtter, Facebook, and my older blog.  By posting to Posterous I can share with my administrators, teachers, students, presentation participants and anyone else who is interested. Other times I have tried to blog, I was always worried that I would make gramatical mistakes and the post had to be perfect, my new take is that there are going to be mistakes, but as long as you get the point and see what I have to share, I am not going to worry about the little things.  So, I am sure there are mistakes in this quickly written post, but the bottom line is did you get the point?...Good!

So, I thank you for checking out my blog and hope what I have to offer might intrigue you, and get you coming back for more!


P.S. - Site to check out today!

Have you ever seen Glogster?  Create a visual blog, a project, a report or a cool page to embed in a wiki!  So check it out! 

Teacher & Students:

Everyone Else:


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


This is it...Finally going to blog using Posterous, which will connect to Facebook, Twitter, my blogger account.  These posts will be quick, simple and to the point!  I will be sharing ideas, web tools, and a possible retry of my 365.  Stay tuned! 

Check out this site for easy web site organization and sharing!


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