Thursday, June 18, 2009


I heard about this site on NPR, a search engine based on Computational Data. Ask questions about all kinds of things and get the data on them. I put in my name and it told me its rank (33rd), how many people are given my name in a year (11,342), Average age (18), and other info.

You can calculate all kind any mathematical equation and even figure out your Body Mass Index by putting in your age, height and weight. You can put in any date and get a lot of information about that date and it also tells you how long ago it was and the importance of that date. There are a ton of things you can check out on Wolfram Alapha. I think it could be used as a valuable classroom tool, check it out and see what you and your students think!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Centralizing My Digital Footprint

I feel like sometimes my digital footprint get away from me, I have user names and passwords for close to 100 different web 2.0 sites and I am involved in 25 different wikis and groups. Balancing real life and life in the cyber world can be tedious and hard to balance. When I get onto my computer I check professional and personal e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, all my different wikis and I could lose hours and not be sure what I just did. I try to streamline my time, but something always sucks me in. In order to keep myself and others who follow me focused, I just created a new wiki. Where I can centralize what I do professionally and personally into one place when it comes to the integration of technology into teaching and every day life.

As for my blog I thought about getting rid of it totally and sharing through the portal. But then I decided that all the post I have before this one remind me of how far I have come and where I have the potential to go. This blog might not be updated every day and be the most well written or grammatically correct, but it comes from the heart and hopefully people will read because they care about my journey and the journey of teacher who integrate technology and push the envelope when it comes to engaging and educating students of all ages and creeds!

Here is my new Blutz01 Portal and all the projects I am involved in!

Thanks for reading, I hope to have more posts soon!