Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Technology Teacher Leader Blog

One of my many duties as an instructional technology teacher is a position titled Technology Teacher Leader (TTL). Going to PETE&C and seeing the many ideas and best practices made me take a look at my title of TTL. As Technology Teacher Leader, at this point, I pretty much troubleshoot computer problems, help with professional developments, assist with the technology we have in the school and install new equipment we receive. Am I leading teachers in the use of technology in my school? No. I am too caught up making sure the technology is up and running, and I have had issues with teachers not using the technology once it's working.

After this realization, I have decide to take a step back and change my priorities to my teachers and helping them become comfortable with the technology in their classroom. If I give them the tools to be comfortable with the computers, then my job will become less about computer problems and more about computer integration in every day learning.

My Plan

  • Provide professional developments before/after school on multiple topics
  • Use my TTL periods to visit teachers that want to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Share Professional Developments with other TTL's...collaborate!
  • Find a way to get a technician in house for at least one day a week.
    • Split technician cost with 4 others schools
    • Write grant for technician

I am trying to do my part to change the world, and I need to start with my own teachers and collaborating with others in my position. Together we can get the word out and share resources. We have all this knowledge: lets share it and change education!