Thursday, December 18, 2008

Change... is always a good thing...right?

OK, I know I haven't blogged in a while, but that is all going to change. A week ago, I was hired as a Classrooms For the Future Coach for 30 teachers in three schools in the School District of Philadelphia. So updating this blog and its focus will change with my new job. I will use this blog to share ideas of integrating technology into the classroom, provide great examples of utilization of technology in the classroom, web 2.0 tools to try and a lot more. The focus of this blog will be my teachers and hopefully will be a good resource for others. I will probably repeat a lot of great resources that we have seen in the past, to remind and to share with new teachers coming into the 21st century thoughts of teaching!

Are we ready? I am excited to start this new journey, spreading my passion of the use of technology in our classrooms to better motivate and engage our students.

Let the fun begin!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Reflection on First PTEC Professional Development

I tried using Gcast to create a Podcast reflection on the Professional Development that Tracey McGrath and myself presented. Here is the podcast of my thoughts.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Technology Teacher Leader Blog

One of my many duties as an instructional technology teacher is a position titled Technology Teacher Leader (TTL). Going to PETE&C and seeing the many ideas and best practices made me take a look at my title of TTL. As Technology Teacher Leader, at this point, I pretty much troubleshoot computer problems, help with professional developments, assist with the technology we have in the school and install new equipment we receive. Am I leading teachers in the use of technology in my school? No. I am too caught up making sure the technology is up and running, and I have had issues with teachers not using the technology once it's working.

After this realization, I have decide to take a step back and change my priorities to my teachers and helping them become comfortable with the technology in their classroom. If I give them the tools to be comfortable with the computers, then my job will become less about computer problems and more about computer integration in every day learning.

My Plan

  • Provide professional developments before/after school on multiple topics
  • Use my TTL periods to visit teachers that want to integrate technology into the classroom
  • Share Professional Developments with other TTL's...collaborate!
  • Find a way to get a technician in house for at least one day a week.
    • Split technician cost with 4 others schools
    • Write grant for technician

I am trying to do my part to change the world, and I need to start with my own teachers and collaborating with others in my position. Together we can get the word out and share resources. We have all this knowledge: lets share it and change education!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

May be the end, but its just the beginning!

This has been a year of awakening for me, one in which I will look at fondly. Looking back I am not quite sure where the year went. This year I was accepted as a Keystone Technology Integrator, went to the Keystone summit, received my masters in Instructional Technology, started a professional blog, started Morpheus' wiki and blog, joined a great educational network (Thank you Twitter!), and began to create a professional identity.

Now the work begins, I have started all these things, but how do I maintain and keep up with everything else going on in my world? I have mentioned this before, and for starters, Google calendar look out! I am going to plan out my weeks and days, so I can be more efficient. One of the key things is feeling good about myself, I feel as if sometimes I am in over my head, so I need to build my confidence and empower myself to feel as if I can do anything I put my mind to!

Goals for this year:
1. Read more! Stay on top of RSS feeds and some old fashioned books. I caught myself reading online and not siting down with a good book.
2. Blog more! I need to set a schedule to blog and create some podcasts! I actually would like to podcast my blogs at some point.
3. Puxatany Bill/Phil? A new stuffed animal to go abroad...stay tuned!

Most importantly as the 2007 year ends and 2008 begins, I wanted to thank everyone who has inspired me this year, and helped me grow. Without the "Network"; professional, personal or family, none of what any of us does would be possible. I have learned to not let the "tech" part of my life overrun and overwhelm. Family and friends matter most and I'm thankful for the time spent with everyone this year and every year.

Have a great 2008!