Thursday, February 25, 2010

PETE&C Experience

I just got home a little over 24 hours ago from the PETE&C conference (Pennsylvania Educational Technology Expo & Conference). It was a great experience as usual, I got to see a lot of good friends and a lot of new ones! I was lucky enough to present 3 times and also helped out with some others and I spent some time volunteering in the Social Networking Lounge.

My presentations went well, I know I still need some work, but all in all it was great! I presented my own proposal this year with the 60in60 and they had to turn people away from the session 20 minutes before it was supposed to start. I asked for an interactive white board and the rooms they were in were pretty small. I felt bad there were a lot of people who wanted to see it and had to just look at the wiki. I guess you live and learn, but I was happy with the presentation and have ideas to make it better for next year! I found out later on that I was featured in the DEN blog, ( I have to say thank you to Tracey McGrath for her support as co-presenter and all my friends that created videos for the presentation. I used Prezi to present with and I can say I will use this to present from now on!

Next, I co-presented the follow me project with Civil War Sallie and it was great to showcase the project and promote the creation of other projects. We had a lot of he projects with us and we also had a new project launch, Patriot Pete who will travel to places that follow the theme of patriotism. It is truly amazing to see projects that are owned by single students who have a passion! Many other ideas were formulated due to this presentation, I am exited to see the birth of Kindness Kangaroo and Math Monkey...stay tuned!

There is much more to talk about, and I definitely want to share all the great resources I was turned onto, but that is for another day! For now, I am happy to be home and with the family I really missed!